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[sic!] Summer Institute Cologne – 27 Aug to 7 Sept 2018 – Construction Sites





We invite graduate and postgraduate students from Area Studies, Art History, Classics, Comics, Communication, Cultural Studies, Dance, English, Film, German, Japanese literature, History, Literary Studies, Media, Music, Performance, Sound, Theatre, and related fields to apply for this international interdisciplinary program. (All sessions will be conducted in English.) Participants and faculty of [sic!] 2018 will explore perspectives on the topic Construction Sites through three themed seminars: 

  • Comics & Visual Narration
  • Sound
  • Theatre Historiography

Each seminar will be led by a pair of scholars from Northwestern University (Evanston, USA) and the University of Cologne (Germany). In addition to the seminars, [sic!] offers interdisciplinary academic workshops that allow for a dialogue with participants from across the seminars. Each participant enrolls in one seminar and one workshop, thus composing an individual study program. Seminars and workshops are enhanced by excursions, lectures by faculty, poster presentations by students, and social gatherings. The University of Cologne assists participants in identifying accommodation and with other basic logistics.

The fee for participation on [sic!] 2017 is 200.00 EUR. The fee covers lunches, excursions as well as coffee and snacks at [sic!]. There is a reduced fee of 70.00 EUR for students of the University of Cologne.


Construction Sites

In a profound way, scholarly projects are "construction sites" that exist in tension between what is visible/readable/undertaken and what unfolds in the work-in-progress. Scholars utilize various skills and techniques towards an end – assembling material, generating insights, crafting arguments – and yet the end result may be very different from what was planned. Being "under construction" implies flexibility, improvisation, and ongoing adaptation.

How is evidence recognized as such and marshalled while arguments are "under construction"? Seminars in Comics & Visual Narration, Sound, and Theatre Historiography explore the implications of this, both for participants' projects and in thinking about how research aggregates into what we call "disciplines" and "fields."