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A Consortium of Six

[sic!] Summer Institute Cologne is becoming Consortium of [six!]

A new consortium of six universities (Cologne, Ghana, Jawaharlal Nehru, Northwestern, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and Tel Aviv) have partnered to create [six!]. We are co-hosting a workshop for graduate students in theatre from November 2020 through May 2021. Graduate students will have the opportunity to build a global community of theatre scholars and a foundation for further study and collaborations. This 12-session workshop will focus on international festivals: their goals, what kinds of cultural work they do, and what goes into creating them. Over the workshop period, students will:

  • Learn about the history, controversies, and stakeholders that shape festivals.
  • Curate an online “festival” for the workshop by collaborating across institutions to propose works from each country that participants will view online and discuss together.
  • Co-author a multilingual blog and possibly other writing for publication.

In addition to viewing performances, participants will have opportunities to share research-in-progress, learn about pedagogy in different institutional contexts, and become more globally-aware and globally-active scholars, now and in the future. 

Meetings are on Wednesdays 3pm GMT for 2 hours. Discussions will be in English. 

[six!] is hosted by the Theaterwissenschaftliche Sammlung (TWS) of Cologne University, one of the largest archives of theatre history in Europe. Consortium of [six!] is a continuation of [sic!] Summer Instiute Cologne, an annual summer school project by University of Cologne and Northwestern University, Evanston, that took place from 2013 through 2019.

There is no open call. Participating students will be chosen by the respective partner universities.

Please feel free to reach out to our Admin for more information: